Metropolitan Community Church Illiana

creating inclusive christian community for all to experience god

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Creative Faith in an GLBTQ-inclusive Community

guided by christ to healing and renewal in god's grace

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MCC Illiana worships in person and livestream each Sunday Morning
Our church community continues to worship in person with social distancing on Sunday mornings. If you can not join us at our church building, these services are being live-streamed on Facebook. Our services start at 10:30am. For those who gather in person as our church continues to cautiously return to normal we ask you to wear a face-mask and continue practice social distancing. We are also not hosting a hospitality time after the service while this pandemic surges in NWI.

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a church and open to all!

Metropolitan Community Church Illiana is open to all people.
Our focus on diversity and love means that you can rediscover the wholeness of Christian community.
While our roots are queer, we welcome all into the promise of life in Jesus Christ. Join us for your path to discovery!

our focus on inclusive faith

Many in our community have been deeply wounded by homophobia and transphobia embedded in most of the traditional churches.
From being denied full participation in all aspects of the worshiping life of the church to expulsion or forced therapies, people have become separated from God because of fear and hatred.
The MCC movement started in 1968 when a group of gays and lesbians gathered in a living room because they desired to reconnect with God. From their courageous sharing they developed a world-wide affirmation of the contributions that GBLTQ people make to Christian ministry. MCC Illiana is an extension of that uniquely affirming expression of the church in its Christian mission to transform the world towards greater compassion, justice and love.

The Inclusive Church

Metroplitan Community Church Illiana is a Christian church with a focus on gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer spirituality.
With a firm foundation in the teachings of Jesus Christ as recorded in the Holy Scriptures, we reach out with an affirming message of the full inclusion of all people in the sacraments of the church.
Taking our faith from the dark places where other churches seem to drop us, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus from the isolation of the tomb to the light of a transformed world. We seek to move our community from the darkness of hatred and fear and into the light of God's love. We believe in the diversity of being created in God's image and create opportunities for GBLTQ people of faith and their allies to gather for Biblical study, spiritual development and social justice.
Embracing God's Love
MCC Illiana, believing that all people are a reflection of God's love, provides NWI with a uniquely diverse and inclusive worshiping community.
Embracing an environment of spiritual nourishment and support without stereotypes and prejudices, our church is a place for transformative Christian development for the entire family . We celebrate that witness through worship on Sunday mornings at 10:30am at our church at 5579 Clem Road in Portage, IN. We also offer Bible Studies, small groups and social activities geared to our progressive vision of a fully inclusive faith.