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Rev Michael

Rev. Michael C. Cooper


Rev. Michael has been our pastor since the first Sunday of September in 2011 and has made a tremendous impact on the development of our church. He has a passion for justice work around inclusion, diversity and race in our local community and has been a guiding leader for our church. With over thirty years of ministry in Metropolitan Community Churches including the last two decades as ordained clergy, Rev. Michel brings a deep understanding of the Scriptures, a commitment to creative, inclusive liturgy and a focus on growing a spiritually centered community around care and hospitality.

Rev. Michael received his M.Div. from Chicago Theological Seminary with a focus on GBTLQ spirituality and ethics. He worked on staff at St. John’s MCC prior to attending seminary, Before coming to MCC Iliana, Rev. Michael was the pastor at MCC Boston.

Board of Directors
As an incorporated non-profit religious organization in the state of Indiana, the financial and leadership responsibilities are managed by our Board of Directors. Our Board consists of 5 members. Four of the members are elected by the congregation at our annual meeting and they serve for two-year terms, staggered. The Pastor is the fifth member of the Board and is the de facto moderator. The Board selects it’s other officers including Vice-Moderator, Treasurer and Clerk.

Our 2024 Board of Directors are:
Rev. Michael C. Cooper, Moderator
Ed Englesen, Vice-Moderator
Gwendolyn Bruce, Treasurer
Eric, Clerk
Ken Metz

Lay Delegate
MCC Illiana has one lay delegate representative who can vote on the Lay House at our denomination’s General Conference. This conference of all the churches and clergy in MCC is held every three-years and has a primary responsibility of voting for the leader of the denomination. As the primary connection for our church to our denomination. the lay delegate shares news and events happening around MCC. Our lay delegate is elected at our church’s annual meeting and serves a 3 year terms starting the year after the most recent General Conference. We also have an Alternate.

Our current lay delegates are
Dennis Norris, Lay Delegate
Alexandria Schmidt, Alternate Lay Delegate